Workshop on “National Service Standards for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare”

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The Higher Population Council organized a workshop to discuss the national standards for sexual and reproductive health services. The workshop was attended by national stakeholders and supported by UNFPA.

According to a press release by HPC, the workshop overviewed and discussed the national standards before their adoption. The standards cover the principles of working with youth, service delivery procedures and ethics, programs and services, social and youth committees and human resources.

At the workshop, HPC Secretary General, Engineer Maysoon Al Zoubi, stated that the optimal investment in human resources, especially the youth, is a requirement in order to realize the demographic dividend. She explained that this can be done by raising the health awareness of youth, providing them with adequate sexual and reproductive healthcare services and reinforcing positive health behaviors and lifestyle.

Al Zoubi added that this calls for developing a youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services system that is consistent with local culture, and attending to the health, social and phycological needs of youth in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

“Guided by His Majesty the King’s vision to invest in the intellectual, creative and productive potentials of youth as they represent the hope for the future, HPC dedicates particular attention to youth and calls for strengthened national efforts in all fields to support youth and raise their awareness of existing challenges in order to create educated generations that have a strong sense of belonging and commitment to their country,” Al Zoubi explained.