The Higher Population Council launches the national plan to implement Jordan's commitments towards the Nairobi Summit 2019

Thursday 15/9/2022

The Higher Population Council concluded on Thursday a training workshop for sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights trainers on the topic of Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP, Communication) Training, which was held during the period (September 11-15, 2022).

The course came as part of the training package of the project "towards achieving more sustainable services and solutions for the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people and refugees in Jordan, which is implemented in partnership with VRIJE Universiteit Amsterdam, the Dutch Academy Belink, the Royal Netherlands Tropical Institute KIT, Al-Yarmouk University and the Jordanian Ahel Aljabal Association.

The course aimed to train participants in communication skills, training and guidance, and to address a broad understanding of the concept of NLP and the possibility of applying it in their work, and to enable participants to further use the methodology of this programming, its models, interventions and techniques to provide organized and effective training for young people, refugees and others. Participants were also enabled to work on their own personal development and integrate learning into their work and personal lives.

The training focused on how to use NLP models to deal with personal challenges through positive psychology, what NLP models can be used to train others and how they are used.