HPC Receives ShareNet Netherlands Delegation

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

HPC received on Wednesday a delegation from ShareNet Netherlands visiting Jordan to follow up on the project in Jordan and meeting the steering committee and key partners.

HPC Secretary General, engineer Maisoon Al Zoubi, said that the two sides discussed issues related to project sustainability, network management, enhancing cooperation between the Netherlands and Jordan hubs, sharing lessons learned from launching the online platforms in various countries, and developing the executive plan of 2017.

Al Zoubi indicated that HPC had signed at the beginning of this year an agreement with ShareNet Netherlands to implement this project during the period of 1/4/2016 to 31/8/2017 which aims to establish an interactive online platform to support reproductive health research in partnership with stakeholders from various sectors and to facilitate the creation and dissemination of reproductive health information and reproductive rights issues through online and offline communication.

The platform also aims to build the capacity of key partners in identifying knowledge gaps in the field of reproductive health and reproductive rights issues in Jordan.

Al Zoubi further explained that HPC is the focal point for the implementation of ShareNet activities in Jordan through local partners, conducting further qualitative research in reproductive health, and developing a more interactive population research database that is directly linked to research centers in academic institutions and reproductive health providers.

ShareNet Netherlands was established by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to serve as a knowledge hub for institutions in the Netherlands, partners from Southern countries and international organizations working in the field of reproductive health in order to enhance the role of knowledge in building policies and evidence-based practices and ensure the strategic use of resources to ensure maximum benefit.