Training Workshop on “Collaborative Knowledge Transfer”

Tuesday, 23 October 2018
The Higher Population Council and Share-Net Jordan kicked off the third workshop on collaborative knowledge transfer today with the participation of stakeholders from various sectors.

In her opening remarks, HPC Secretary General, Dr. Abla Amawi, stressed the need for stakeholders to focus on a common reproductive health issue and determine methodologies to address the issue while implementing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and conducting dialogues and brainstorming sessions for working groups of stakeholders and policy and decision-makers to identify the problems and solution scenarios of the common issue and translate them into actionable strategies.

The two-day workshop is part of HPC’s efforts to build national capacities in collaborative national planning and enable participants to employ this methodology to address child marriage in Jordan.

The workshop aims to promote the collaborative use and transfer of acquired knowledge to address the issue of child marriage in Jordan by enabling a better understanding of successful knowledge transfer strategies that can be used by stakeholders and facilitating collaborative learning, sharing of acquired experiences and the exchange and translation of knowledge.