The High Population council holds the annual meeting of the members of Share-Net Jordan

The High Population Council, in collaboration with the Knowledge Platform for Reproductive Health Share-Net Jordan project, held the annual meeting of members of share Net Jordan, representing various national public, private and voluntary agencies, international organizations and academic institutions. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the members of Share Net Jordan of the project's achievements for 2021, its future aspirations for 2022 and the small grants provided by Share-Net Netherlands to Jordan for 2021.

The Director of the Study and Policy Unit of the High population Council and the Coordinator of Share Net Jordan Ali Al-metliq, during the meeting, reviewed the project's main achievements during 2021 and its prospects for 2022 which included a study "Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on family planning information and services in Jordan," and a policy summary study entitled "Effects of social and economic factors and gender dynamics on the sexual and reproductive health of women and girls in jerash province,"and a study on the possibility of Share net- Jordan's working at the regional level, a fact sheet on "The Relationship between Migration and Gender," a fact sheet on "Links between Population Dynamics and Gender", in addition to preparing a communication strategy for Share Net Jordan.

Al-metliq addressed the policy summaries launched this year, namely, the policy summary "Links between climate change and sexual and reproductive health in Jordan," the policy summary "Impact of dropout of female students on women's economic participation and sexual and reproductive health," and the policy summary "The role of accountability in sustaining sexual and reproductive health programmes in crises and fragile situations in Jordan."

During the meeting, a specialized session was held to discuss the future directions of Share Net-Jordan for 2022 at the local and regional levels. The High population Council is the host of the Knowledge Platform for Reproductive Health project in Jordan, which has been in operation since 2016 and lasts for 2024. The Council is also the national focal point for its activities in Jordan through its local partners.The project aims to create an interactive online platform to support reproductive health research, with the participation of stakeholders from different sectors, as well as to facilitate the building and dissemination of knowledge on reproductive health, and to build the capacity of key partners to identify knowledge gaps.

It is worth mentioning that share net international is an institution founded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a knowledge base, which combines the expertise of Dutch institutions, partners of states of the south, and international institutions working in the area of reproductive health to strengthen the role of knowledge in building evidence-based policies and practices, and to ensure that resources are used strategically to maximize their use at the local and international levels to collaborate to create a platform to support reproductive health research.