The Higher Population Council organizes the second part of the training course on strengthening the capacity of national population councils and committees in The Arab world.

Monday 25/10/2021

On Monday The activities of the second part of “The Training on Strengthening the Capacity of National Population Councils and Committees in The Arab World/Results-based Management “organized by the Higher Population Council in cooperation with the Arab Council for Population and Development, which lasted three days began with the participation of the members of the Higher Population Council for development via visual connection technology “conference Video”.

Rania Al-Abbadi-Assistant Secretary-General of the Higher Population Council, in her opening statement on behalf Abla Amawi-Secretary General of the Council stressed that this session was part of the work of The Higher Population Council to transfer experiences and knowledge among countries with similar technical needs in order to consolidate Arab efforts to support population and development issues based on the manual "Strengthening the Capacity of National Councils and Committees of Government - Results-based Management" prepared by the Population Policy Department of The Arab Council for Population and Development in cooperation with The Higher Population Council.

Al-Abbadi implied that the two-phase training course seeks to foster a system of strategic planning through results-oriented management of national population councils and committees in the Arab world or in their governance to contribute to the development of a road map enabling them to prioritize population issues and focus on their energies and resources and ensuring that staff and officials work towards common goals through a common agreement on desired outcomes, and assessing the adaptation of boards in their response to a changing environment.