Holds a training course for media professionals entitled: practical applications for the employment of Media Arts in supporting demographic and developmental issues

The Higher Population Council, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund, will hold on Wednesday a training course for a group of media professionals supporting demographic and developmental issues from various media outlets, entitled: practical applications for the employment of Media Arts in supporting demographic and developmental issues.

The two-day training course aimed at enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of media professionals in how to employ modern creative media arts in their work, discussing media materials prepared by media professionals, to identify achievements, challenges, gaps and potential for improvement in the media materials that have been implemented, and their role in raising the awareness of community members and gaining the support of decision makers on these issues.

The secretary general of the Supreme Population Council, Dr. Issa Masarwa, stressed that the presence of a competent, professional and specialized development media is an important requirement, as the media's handling of these issues is still less than required, according to the results of the analytical study on population and development issues in the print, audio and visual media for 2020, which was prepared by the Higher Population Council, and has not succeeded for this time in turning them into priorities in the attention of society and the government.

He pointed out that there is a need to strengthen the role of the media in supporting population policies and integrating demographic characteristics and changes in the economic and social planning process, whether at the national or local level, and what this requires appropriate policies to change the demographic reality because it has an impact on all needs in the fields of education, training, employment, health, women empowerment and youth immunization.

During the session, a digital presentation was presented on the current demographic situation in Jordan, a review and discussion of the media materials prepared by the participating media professionals, and a discussion of future aspirations and subsequent steps.