HPC Chairs ACPD Executive Office Meeting

Tuesday, 21 June, 2022

Acting HPC Secretary General and head of the executive office of the Arab Council for Population and Development, Ms. Rania Al Abbadi, chaired today a virtual meeting of the executive office members as well as representatives of national population councils and commissions in UAE, Bahrain, Tunis, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

The meeting discussed several topics including following up on the implementation of decisions made at the third ordinary session of ACPD, identifying means to promote the integration of population issues and dynamics as active components of national policies, strategies, action plans as well as regional development programs and projects, enhancing the capacities of professionals in the population sector in using modern software, and building the capacities of national population councils and commissions in the field of reproductive health, social risks and means to address them.

Moreover, the meeting discussed the impact of climate change on the population in Arab states, training Arab states in using the population-centered development index (PCDI), facilitating coordination and experience sharing among member Arab states of ACPD, and enhancing staff capacities at national population councils and commissions in the field of results-based management.

During the meeting, Abbadi indicated that Arab states are faced by significant political, economic and social challenges that impact population, development and the wellbeing of population and that the Covid pandemic has exacerbated such challenges, increased the burden on countries, and impacted progress in implementing plans and strategies developed prior to the pandemic.

Abbadi highlighted the importance of cooperation, coordination and the sharing of knowledge and experiences among Arab states to identify adequate solutions for such challenges. Abbadi also underscored the importance of sound and informed planning that takes into account all the existing dynamics and the need to implement qualitative initiatives that help support population and development issues.

The Higher Population Council is chairing the executive office of the Arab Council for Population and Development for the second year in a row. Key functions of the executive office include approving the draft agenda of the ACPD, providing proposals and recommendations on the issues under review, following up on the implementation of the ACPD decisions and recommendations, developing draft annual plan, presenting the draft annual report prepared by the technical secretariate of the ACPD, take action, as appropriate, to implement the programs, projects, events, activities approved by ACPD and providing adequate support, as needed.