“Higher Population Council” Holds Follow-up Workshop on The Participatory Approach to Address the Issue of Child Marriages

Tuesday, 22 October 2019
On Tuesday, Higher Population Council (HPC) held a follow-up workshop on the participatory approach to address the issue of child marriage in Jordan. The workshop was funded by Share-Net International Foundation, and a number of national authorities’ and civil society institutions’ representatives participated in the event.

The workshop aimed at discussing the achievements made in the process of addressing child marriage in Jordan based on the outcomes of previous workshops held in this regard, reviewing the national plan in order to implement the recommendations of the study of child marriage, and building the capacity of partners in the concept of multilateral partnerships and their applications, and knowledge dissemination tools. In addition to resulting to the subsequent steps in pursuing the participatory approach in the form of activities in 2020.

The Director of the Studies and Policies Unit at the Higher Population Council, Ali Al-Mutlaq, stressed the importance of this workshop, which comes in completion of the series of workshops held by the Council earlier in the framework of national capacity building by mainstreaming a participatory approach in addressing social issues.

Al Mutlaq stated that the participatory approach aims at the improvement of understanding, and exchanging and applying knowledge on the basis of the best strategies that contribute to knowledge dissemination which can be used by partners, and facilitating the learning process and the exchange of experiences with partners.

The Director of the Programs Unit at the Higher Population Council, Dr. Sawsan Al-Da'ja, reviewed the National Plan for Child Marriage, and the Director of the Institute of Family Health Care, Dr. Ibrahim Aqel, gave a presentation on the concept of multilateral partnerships and their applications and knowledge dissemination tools. Furthermore, the participants presented the achievements of their institutions in dealing with the issue of child marriage in Jordan, in addition to discussing the further steps in the follow-up process regarding this issue.