HPC delivers training in smartphone filmmaking for women members of Greater Ajloun, Madaba and Mahes municipal councils

Wednesday, 16 September 2020
HPC, in collaboration with HIVOS, conducted a 2-day training for women members of the municipal councils of (Greater Ajloun, Greater Madaba, and Mahes). The training focused on making short films to deliver awareness messages in video format using smartphones.

The training aims to enable women and build their capacity in using available communication tools to advance women’s empowerment and gender in political life and public life, municipal work. It also aims to raise community awareness of different groups, especially women, about gender, and enhance the role of women in municipalities in a practical and systematic manner.

HPC Director of Media and Communications, Ms. Etaf Al Hadid, stressed in her remarks that the training comes in line with efforts to raise awareness and advocate population and development issues through informed communication and media activities. Ms. Hadid explained that the training targets women members of municipal councils as they represent the female leadership in their region and can influence civil society and convey information in an impactful way.

The short films developed by the participants will focus on themes like gender social equality and equity; gender equality in employment and education; equitable access and control; women’s empowerment in public life, municipalities and political life; integration of women’s and men’s roles; promoting gender roles; and enhancing the role of women in social initiatives and municipalities.