"Higher Population council" holds a training course for media professionals on how to employ modern media arts to support population and development issues

Thursday, 23 September 2021
The Higher Population Council, in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), held a training session today for a group of media professionals supporting population and development issues from various media outlets on how to use modern media arts to support population and development issues.

The two-day training course attended by the Director of the Department of Population Policy of the League of Arab States aimed at enhancing the efficiency and capacity of media professionals and professionals in the use of modern media arts to support and promote population and development goals and visions in society and to send highly professional and effective awareness messages to change the views, behaviors and attitudes of members of society on population and development issues.

The Secretary-General of the Higher Population council, Dr. Abla Amawi, stressed the importance of strengthening the role of the media in supporting population policies, integrating the population dimension and population dynamics into the economic and social planning process and from a gender and human rights perspective, both at the national and local levels, and the appropriate policies required for the composition, changes in the population and their implications for the needs of education, training, employment, health, resource distribution and empowerment of women, youth and others.

Amawi stressed the need for efficient, professional and comprehensive population information, as media coverage of these issues is still less than required according to the results of the Population and Development Study in the 2019 audio-visual media "Analytical study," prepared by the higher Population Council, emphasizes the importance of intensifying information efforts in supporting these issues in order to achieve the objectives of improving the economic and social standard and the well-being of Jordanian citizens.

The course covers several topics, most notably information reporting skills such as (journalist, radio and television skills) for the support population and development issues and news stories preparation skills, roles of information in support of population and development issues, media success stories, characteristics of information content and impact measurement, foundations of proper information research on population and development issues, media dissemination through multimedia/social media networks. Several films and digital presentations prepared by the Higher Council for Population on population and development issues were also presented during the course