Mr. Ali AL-Metleq


Mr. Ali AL-Metleq holds master degree on Population Studies from Jordanian University. He is currently working as a Director of studies and Policy Unit at the Higher Population Council since 2013 and coordinator of Share Net Jordan (Knowledge Platform on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights) since 2016.

AL-Metleq attended and participated in several seminars and conferences and training courses inside and outside Jordan in the same field. He had more than (25) years of experience in population and development researches and policies fields and have extensive experience in preparation of terms of reference for studies and policies brief, preparing studies and policies brief on population issues, preparation and implementation of social surveys including survey planning, questionnaire design, training of researchers, data processing, data analysis using SPSS and reporting, preparation and analysis of national plans and strategies.

he worked for two years as Project Coordinator for The PHRD Project For preparing the Social Protection Enhancement Project in Jordan through the administration of the World Bank and for two years as Consultant for Registry of Societies and Acting Director for Social Protection Enhancement Project (World Bank and Ministry of Social Development project) my responsibly to direct the implementation unit, technical implementation, quality assurance and financial reporting and to report for the World Bank and the Ministry.

Also, he worked for four years as Director of the Administration Unit and Information Technology in the Coordination Commission for Social Solidarity (CCSS).