Prof. Dr. Hyam Ishac


Prof. Dr.  Hyam Ishac is a Lebanese academic and researcher who has dedicated her career to the advancement of education and research in Lebanon. She is currently the president of the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) whose mandates include but are not limited to: National curriculum development and implementation, pre service and in service training of teachers, conducting educational statistics and researches, deciding on textbooks and other education means.

She earned multiple degrees at various Lebanese universities, which culminated in a doctorate in educational sciences, and the thesis was entitled: "Education et culture sexuelles de l’élève adolescent Libanais: Etat des lieux et perspectives”./ "Sexual Education
and Culture of Lebanese adolescent students: current situation and perspectives".

After completing her studies, Ishac began her academic career as a high school teacher and trainer at CERD, then became a lecturer and the coordinator of the training bureau, as well as the coordinator of the initial training center for in service teachers at the faculty of pedagogy at the Lebanese University. She quickly rose through the ranks, earning tenure and becoming a full professor. Throughout her academic career, Ishac has been a prolific researcher, authoring numerous books, articles, and publications on a variety of topics including a study dealing with the subject of sexual education and life skills entitled “The development of sexual culture among Lebanese youth during the last ten years” and another titled “Sexual education and culture among adolescents - reality and figures.” As President of the Center for Educational Research and Development, Ishac has played a key role in supporting research and innovation in Lebanon and is currently leading the Lebanese curriculum reform.