Dr Akram Hassan


Dr Akram Hassan Mohamed is the Head of the Central Administration for Curriculum Development and the Supervisor of the Central Administration for Teachers’ Affairs at the Egyptian Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MoETE).

Prior to that, he has occupied the position of the General Manager of the General Administration for Environmental and Population Education, the Head of the Central Administration for Basic Education and Kindergarten. In addition to this, he has been also the Head of the Central Administration for Secondary, Private, and International Education, as well as Manager of the Ministry of Education Directorate in Fayoum and Port Said. Furthermore, Dr Akram has also worked as President of the Committee for Supporting the Teaching of French in Governmental Schools.

Dr Akram has represented the Ministry of Education and Technical Education in numerous duties, including the Technical Secretariat for the National Committee for Sustainable Development, the National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Human Trafficking and Illegal Migration, the National Committee for Control of Non communicable Diseases, and the Bioenergy Foundation for Sustainable Rural Development.

Dr Akram is also a member of the Higher Coordination Committee to Disseminate Culture and Awareness for Non-banking Financial Activities, a member of the Supreme Council for the Honorable Azhar, a member of the Advisory Organization Overlooking the Management and Supervision Of Educational TV Channels (Madrasetna), a member of the Executive Committee for the Excellent Teacher Initiative, a member the Committee for Green Minds Initiative, and a member of the Committee for Enhancing the Secondary Stage of Education, and also as the head of the Committee for Handling Slow Reading and Writing Skills.

Dr Akram has also participated in other undertakings, such as preparing the National Strategy of Environmental Health in Egypt, and participated in a workshop for Developing a Guide for Scholastic Mental Health in Omaand in formulating the Document for Environmental, Health and Population Activities (Towards Achieving Sustainability).